The Dirty Cleaner – Interracial Sex Special

The Dirty Cleaner

On the webshow you can probably imagine how dirty it gets?  We’re not talking about sexy here, or any other word associated with it; we mean the type of dirty that you literally need a mop and bucket to sort out.

Our girls have always been pretty terrible at cleaning up after themselves so we hired a cleaner.  The trouble is that the cleaner started to make a little bit more of an impression on the girls than he did on the huge mountains of rubbish all over our studio.

His name is Sensi and he has become an important and valued member of our Sexstationtv community; but it has nothing at all to do with his cleaning ability.  Isn’t it always the case that you get hired to do a particular job but end up doing another one instead?  Well this is what happened with Sensi, and he couldn’t be happier.  Although he still likes to do the cleaning when he can, this huge, mountain of a black man has now found his true vocation in life – fucking our girls!

As you can imagine, our cleaner has managed to earn himself quite a reputation for doing a little more than simply cleaning, so we thought that it was about time he had some more exposure.  This extra exposure has finally arrived in the form of a brand new interracial website!  That’s right, our cleaner has his own website!

Now we’re desperate to tell everyone about it because it’s so exciting; when someone you know becomes famous you really want to shout if from the rooftops don’t you?  Well, here he is ladies and gents, the one and only Sensi – The Dirty Cleaner.

We don’t need to tell you too much about Sensi really, you can see that he’s a big black guy and you can clearly see what he ends up doing when he really should be sweeping the floor and gathering the dirty dildos.

You can imagine how it all began I suppose?  When you have a girl on the webshow, dressed to impress and pounding her sweet pussy all day and night with various dildos they get somewhat hungry for some real cock.  Trouble is that when they’ve been shoving big hard dildos in there they need something that’s going to be even better; and what better than a black guy like Sensi with a cock the size of a fucking gatepost?  Believe me, when those girls have finished on screen you have no idea how horny they are, and it’s been quite a regular occurrence to find them getting a nice hard interracial banging back stage by Sensi.

Well now you can see all of Sensi’s exploits and see who out of all our lovely girls loves to get have hardcore interracial sex.  Simply go along to The Dirty Cleaner now and check out the free tour and see just how much overtime Sensi does.

There will be a review of this great new interracial sex site coming very soon where you’ll get a few more juicy details and maybe even a few more free pictures; we hope you enjoy these ones!

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