The amazing Lori Buckby on WEBCAM!


No Way!  You never though it was possible to have the very lovely Lori Buckby on webcam did you?  Well after her fine the other day in court she has to make her money somewhere, so here she is to fulfill your every desire on webcam.  I’ve chatted with her and i’m here to tell you all about my experience.

  • Looks.  Shouldn’t have to do too much work here should I?  You should have all seen enough pictures of her all over the newspapers last week or whenever it was, but if you haven’t then you can look at a few on here for free or visit her website and sign up to be a member if you like; it’s up to you.  I’ll tell you what i like about her seeing as though you’ve all seen enough already.  I love her hair most of all and the way she blacks her eyes when she does the makeup, it gives her a certain style.  It’s a slutty but classy style and I fucking love it!  Keeps me hard for minutes.
  • Action.  Well I’m not sure I should tell you all about what Lori Buckby gets up to on live webcam chat, but I think I’ll tell you anyway.  This babe goes all the way with her stripping but I have to admit that I got a little cut short on my call because my wife came home before I could get too much more out of the lovely babe.  Fucking wife had to get it instead; she was only too pleased to oblige!
  • Audio and Visual Quality.  On the sort of money Bucky’s on you’d expect her webcam to be the very best, and you’d be right, it is!  You can hear every last moan and sexy word from this hot UK babe.  As for the visual quality, again this is very good with an excellent zoom, although Lori does tend to move around quite a lot for you anyway when you get her on cam.

Now she might not always be online live, she does those babeshows you’ve been reading about in the paper and probably been watching late at night.  But you might get lucky and have her live right now; go and check out her live profile on the webcam show, and check out the other babes while your there.

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