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Lori Buckby finally reviewed!

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Lori Buckby!

When she isn’t in trouble for benefit fraud she’s on Babestation getting her lovely little boobs out, or she’s shooting content for her fantastic solo website  In our humble opinion Lori is one of the all time great Babestation girls, because she seems to have been around providing late night TV wank fodder for you guys for what seems like an eternity; and I also have it on good authority that the lovely Lori Buckby adores her TV job and she can’t wait to get on the bed shaking her ass in the wee small hours.  Lori is certainly a girl who is dedicated to her art.

This dirty blonde looks like a cross between a 1980s rock video chick and a modern cay catwalk model; she has a look that captures the heart and swollen cock of thousands of men across the country. 

Now you lucky lot can access Lori Buckby’s very own solo website and here is a little bit about what you get on there.  I do hope you enjoy the FREE pictures I’ve included in the post, they’ve all been taken directly from her latest updates on the website.   

What’s the content like, what do you get?

Lori is a seasoned veteran at shooting content for her website and she never seems to miss an opportunity to do something new.  On her website you’ll get a good mix of content and you can pretty much guarantee that it’s all a lot dirtier than you’re likely to see her on the TV late at night; not only that, the stuff you get on site is exclusive to and you’re not likely to see the content anywhere else!

  • You get pictures.  Lori’s pictures are always one step ahead of the competition.  When I say the competition I mean many other solo girl sites out there on the internet today, produced with girls who are relatively unheard of.  To begin with, Lori Buckby is pretty much a TV personality in various select circles and you don’t get many TV personalities making their own dirty website do you?  (Perhaps they should, they’d make a killing!)  Anyway, back on topic for a moment.  The pictures all come in zipped folders, and for those of you who don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about it’s simple really.  It just means that you can download all the pictures from your favourite shoots a little easier and faster, then when you get them on your computer you simply right click with your mouse button on the folder and “extract” the pictures from the folder.  This way you could download all her pictures!  However you should remember that there are regular updates and if you don’t stay a member you’ll miss out.
  • You get Videos.  The videos on this website are perfect.  They are just long enough to give you a good wank off and not too long so that they get boring and you’ve shot your lot before you reach the end.  Most of them have a lot of mileage in them too and I myself have used several of the vids many, many times over without getting bored; the bonus here is that more of them are getting added all the time!  My favourite video on site at the moment has to be the nurse shoot.  Lori Buckby really should become a nurse, she’d make so many people feel so much better it’s unbelievable!  When you see her bending over and pulling her panties down you’ll know that your membership fee has been well spent.  All the vids are also HD quality and fully downloadable to your PC or laptop (watch and wank when and where you want!)
  • Webcam.  That’s right; you can also get the lovely Lori Buckby on webcam.  I know you can get her on the phone when you watch the late night telly, but it’s not the same as this let me tell you.  When you get her on the webcam show you get her all to yourself.  You can watch her and talk to her on the phone, and you can also show her what you look like and what you’re doing if you have a cam!  Don’t worry Lori loves to see guys playing with their tackle!
  • Blog.  Lori Buckby loves to blog, and this really is something special because she actually tells you how she feels and what she’s thinking.  Another bonus about this is that she will also tell you her schedule for all the babe channels, not just Babestation.  Knowing the schedule of the babe you love is perfect for planning an even in when the wife has gone to bed; just you, the TV and the telephone guys!  Remember if you can’t get her

Is her website updated regularly?

Lori loves to shoot so you are likely to get pretty much the same as all the other girls I review on the blog.  Lori gives you at least one video and one set of pictures each week.  She is dedicated to her job and realises that it’s her members and her TV fans that keep her in fishnet stockings.  When you get an update you can also be pretty sure it’s different from the last one and you won’t just get the picture version of the video and vice versa either.

How much is membership and how often do I pay?

The price for Lori Buckby is £23.01 a month.  If you can get a Babestation honey like Lori any cheaper than this then I strongly urge you to do so.  For this price you couldn’t even by your Daily Sport each day and jerk off over the skanks in there!  Lori is worth the money because the website has had time, money and energy spent on it to make it the ultimate wank fodder!

Overall closing comments

Lori Buckby has a sensuality surrounding her that’s pretty hard to put your finger on.  Talking about hard and fingers though, when you look at the content on this website you’re pretty much unlikely to want any other solo girl website out there.  If you are a true Lori Buckby fan then show your devotion and dedicate a little cash each month to her website; I’m sure she’ll appreciate it, and you might just get her on webcam!  Check out the free tour now and see for yourself what you’re missing.

The amazing Lori Buckby on WEBCAM!

Monday, September 20th, 2010


No Way!  You never though it was possible to have the very lovely Lori Buckby on webcam did you?  Well after her fine the other day in court she has to make her money somewhere, so here she is to fulfill your every desire on webcam.  I’ve chatted with her and i’m here to tell you all about my experience.

  • Looks.  Shouldn’t have to do too much work here should I?  You should have all seen enough pictures of her all over the newspapers last week or whenever it was, but if you haven’t then you can look at a few on here for free or visit her website and sign up to be a member if you like; it’s up to you.  I’ll tell you what i like about her seeing as though you’ve all seen enough already.  I love her hair most of all and the way she blacks her eyes when she does the makeup, it gives her a certain style.  It’s a slutty but classy style and I fucking love it!  Keeps me hard for minutes.
  • Action.  Well I’m not sure I should tell you all about what Lori Buckby gets up to on live webcam chat, but I think I’ll tell you anyway.  This babe goes all the way with her stripping but I have to admit that I got a little cut short on my call because my wife came home before I could get too much more out of the lovely babe.  Fucking wife had to get it instead; she was only too pleased to oblige!
  • Audio and Visual Quality.  On the sort of money Bucky’s on you’d expect her webcam to be the very best, and you’d be right, it is!  You can hear every last moan and sexy word from this hot UK babe.  As for the visual quality, again this is very good with an excellent zoom, although Lori does tend to move around quite a lot for you anyway when you get her on cam.

Now she might not always be online live, she does those babeshows you’ve been reading about in the paper and probably been watching late at night.  But you might get lucky and have her live right now; go and check out her live profile on the webcam show, and check out the other babes while your there.

Lori Buckby Fined £1000 for Benefit Fraud

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Oh no!  It looks as though Lori Buckby from Babestation has been in trouble folks.  It turns out she’s been claiming benefit when we all know that she’s been getting her tits out on the telly at night!

She has been fined £1000 after claiming carers benefit for her sick father.  She has since paid it all back however, so she can’t be all bad can she?  Rather than slam her too much i think we should actually commend the lovely lass.  After all she did look after her dad following his stroke many years ago, and it isn’t everyone that would do that is it?  Maybe she just forgot to cancel the claim?

Anyway, onto more important things.  You can now see how Lori Buckby now earns her extra income by visiting her website.  Have a good time while your there and think about those court costs the poor girl has to pay!