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Hot UK Babes – Free online porn!

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Hot UK Babes is the number one free online porn mag in the UK…

We’re mentioning Hot UK Babes because they usually have one or two of our girls in their mag and it’s a really great read.  It would be hard to have any UK porn on the internet these days without at least featuring one girl who has been on Sexstationtv.

Free porn

Online porn with Sexstation girls

We’re particularly proud of two of our regular Sexstation girls because they’ve both managed to secure a position at this popular online porn mag.  Karina Currie is now their new columnist, and Chantelle Fox is their agony aunt!  Who would have thought it!

free porn

Filthy Chantelle Fox from Sexstationtv

Karina is planning to use her column to vent about various things no doubt, but in her first article she decided to offer some sound advice to those starting out in, or considering a career in, the adult industry.  She is a wealth of knowledge and Hot UK Babes are lucky to have her; just as we at Sexstationtv are!  When you’ve read Karina’s column, or you can think of something you’d be interested in asking her or commenting on you can get her on

Free porn

Porn Legend Karina Currie in Hot UK Babes

Chantelle Fox is one of the filthiest Sexstation girls to have ever graced our studio, and we’re proud of that fact.  We’re also sure this is why the Editor of Hot UK Babes asked her to be the agony aunt in Hot UK Babes.  With all her experience at listening to you guys on the phone with your various kinks and preferences, Chantelle is in a perfect position to advise you with any of your “sexy” problems.  If you want to email her with a problem it’s

Remember to follow Hot UK Babes on Twitter

And you can download the latest edition of their magazine here

There’s even a chance to win Jasmine James’ panties this month!

Hot UK Babes – Free online porn mag!

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Have you all seen Hot UK Babes?  It’s a great new online magazine for those who like their porn FREE!  They’ve been good to us by featuring the webshow and various girls here and there, so we figured we’d return the favour by promoting them a little.  If you’ve got any sense at all you’ll do the same thing.  Follow them on Twitter @Hotukbabes and make sure you tell your friends about all the free porn you can get.


What’s in it?

Basically any babes that are hot and from the UK!  That’s as complicated as it gets really.

They have regular features each month that have become quite interesting.  One of them in particular is called “What the Fuck” and this includes all those fetishes that you never even knew existed and can’t possibly explain.  Hot UK Babes offer no explanation either, they simply shine their light on it and illuminate the fetish for what it is!  The latest is milking and lactation fetish!  WTF!


Remember those dirty stories in the old fashioned pornos years ago?  The ones you used to take and hide in your den in the woods or near an old railway line?  Well those sort of stories are back too.  In Hot UK Babes you get all the filthyness of those stories, only this time they usually star a real life Hot UK Babe from the porn or glamour industry.


If you have an adult service you wish to promote you can also advertise in Hot UK Babes.  We’re not sure about their circulation or anything like that, but if you follow them on Twitter or visit their blog you can ask them yourself.

Go and download February’s edition now and see what you’ve been missing.

HOT UK BABES – Free porno mag!

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

We’ve come across something that might interest you lot out there and it’s free!  There is a site called Hot UK Babes and they’ve managed to produce a completely FREE, fully downloadable PDF porno mag!  You can download it here if you like.

No doubt we’ll give it a quick review when we’ve finished…well, you know.  There’s a lot in this mag you know!

It’s not just porno though, there are also website reviews, great dirty stories, fantastic new gadget reviews and a whole load of other stuff that’s bound to get you interested.  It’s going to be published every month, so the best thing to do is to get over to Hot UK Babes and get on their mailing list; they promise to send it to you FREE every month!

Such benevolence must have a catch right?  Well, no it doesn’t apparently!